Equine Anatomy and Gait Analysis

Saturday September 4th 2010 12:25:13 PM

Equine Anatomy and Gait Analysis
A day course with Dave Siemens – Expert in Animal Chiropractic
on Saturday 9th October 2010

The day begins at 9.30am looking at the skeletal and muscular structure of a horse by studying real bones, how they fit together and how the soft tissues work with them so that the horse can move efficiently.
We will be studying live horses to see how the movement of the horse is enhanced or blocked by various injuries and riding and handling techniques. We will touch on saddle fitting as it relates to individual study horses.
After lunch, which is provided in the course fee, we will look at the gaits of the horse and how we can assess the quality of that gait relating it to the morning’s study.
We will finish at about 5pm.
Visiting horses are welcome at no extra charge. Dave will give free analysis of the movement of visiting horses at no extra charge.
Dave Siemens is a well respected in Animal Chiropractic Practitioner and visits the UK regularly to help people achieve more from themselves and their horses. He has travelled extensively with Mark Rashid and regularly hosts clinics at his ranch in Colorado.

The cost of the course is £75 for the day including lunch and will be held at
The Stables, Chilla Rd, Halwill Junction, Devon EX21 5XE
Please contact Vanessa Bee on 01409 221166 or email mail@positivehorsemanship.com to reserve your place.

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